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About the Practice


More and more, many of us are in need of a safe and professionally guided space to discuss infertility and adoption as well as emerging identity issues at multiple points in the life cycle. Therapy can be particularly helpful for dealing with transitions, family building, bonding and attachment, and complex family building.

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process between you (or your child) and the psychotherapist. You will be encouraged to take an active role in setting and achieving your or your child’s treatment goals.  In order to be most successful, you will have to work on things we talk about both during our sessions and at home.  Your commitment to this treatment approach is necessary to assist you and/or your child in experiencing a successful outcome.  If you ever have any questions about the nature of treatment or anything else about your care, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I believe that the diagnosis of infertility is a form of trauma and needs to be treated as such. The physiological, psychological and financial impacts are life altering. Research continues to prove ongoing psychotherapy greatly improves infertility related anxiety, depression and relationship conflicts.

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