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Gay, Lesbian, Bi, or Queer Family Building

I am sensitive to the family building dreams of the queer community. Whether through sperm donation, egg donation, surrogacy or adoption, I am more than happy to discuss your options with you and make the best possible referrals. As the daughter of a lesbian, I am personally and professionally invested in redefining family and advocate for the Queerspawn community.

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Transgender Fertility Preservation and Family Building

It is wonderful to see the culture shift occurring in reproductive medicine around the transgender community and their right to inclusive fertility care. Whether choosing to preserve gametes prior to a medical transition or moving forward with a fertility clinic or an adoption plan, I can help you navigate your journey with safety and dignity.

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For Couples or Individuals moving forward with Donor Assisted Reproduction and Surrogacy

Fertility specialists and clinics will likely recommend or require an assessment or counseling session before moving forward with the use of a sperm donor, egg donor and/or a gestational carrier. I can meet with you to discuss your motivation behind using donor gametes, your feelings of loss and grief associated with pregnancy and parenting without a genetic link, as well as your plans to disclose to others and to the potential offspring. I can then provide your doctor or clinic with the necessary paperwork to move forward.

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Family Building Assessments

and Consultations

In addition to ongoing and weekly psychotherapy appointments, I am also available to provide short term consultation and counseling to individuals and couples considering their options for Family Building.

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